Radio Andorra Photos  2001
by  J.M. Courrèges-Cénac


2001 - Radio Andorra - Photos

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1: Base of tower cables 2: Tower base and feeding point. The fence around the small building seems new...
3: The same tower 4: Building with two feeder cables coming from Encamp transmitter. The next photos will follow those feeders...
5: This was used to install the cables. Rust has started its work... 6: Among the trees, two towers : on the left we hardly see the old one, without cables and also rusted.. On the right, one of the towers leading to the building, the cables have been cut by falling trees.
7: Just  after, the great jump towards Encamp, we can see two cables on the new carrying towers. We can also see one old tower. Also in the front, another cable also coming from Encamp, this one being burried under the ground. 8: Back to the antennas side, a new building. The door was open. Inside, many ceramic pieces. On the right of the photo, over the green post, a cable coming down from the second antenna tower we will describe now.
9 : Base of second tower 10 : Second tower  (sorry, clouds were back...)
11 : Encamp transmitting center.  Antennas are actually up on the hill but we can't see thel on the photo. 12:  Tranmitting center
13 : Under the log-periodic antenna, the cooling reservoir was full of water.. 14 : Tranmitting center
15 : The smaller sign on the left says the fence is electrified. I didn't try to check.... 16: The Log-Périodic antenna
17: Lac d'Engolasters

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