Radio Andorra Photos  2002
by Michel Bousquet


2002 - Radio Andorra - Photos

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entree du centre emetteur pancarte
1: The front gate of transmitting centre 2: 
batiment batiment
3:  4: Note: .Building seems inhabited. See satellite dish .
bassin log periodique
5: The cooling reservoir 6: The shortwaves log-periodic antenna
photo antennes
7: 8: The antennas near lac d'Engolasters seen from the transmitting centre
photo photo
9 : 10 
batiment travaux
11 : The building 12: The road works, for the new road going around the city of Encamp, are at a final stage and arrive just down the transmitting centre. The new road goes around the building, making it a little more isolated than it is now. Building itself doesn't seem to be threatened, for now. 
antennes antennes
13 : The MW antennas  (Lac d'Engolasters)  14 : The MW antennas  (Lac d'Engolasters) 

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