Radio Andorre - informations


Manufacturer : BROWN BOVERI
Output power : 300.000Watts
Frequency range : 525 à 1.605 kc (ondes moyennes)
Operating frequency : 701 kHz.
Wavelength : 428 mètres.
Cooling system :  "vapodyne"
Output Impedance : 230 ohms, unbalanced

The "RADIO ANDORRA" broadcasting centre, in use for more than 30 years, had many adjustments during these years, most importantly an increase in power. From its original 35 kW power, transmitter reached 140 kW in several steps; It was then replaced by a modern 300kW one, turning RADIO ANDORRA into the most powerfull Spanish speaking commercial station..

The increasing in power was made necessary by the increasing number of major radio transmitters that were built in Europe in the last years.

To solve this, "RADIO-ANDORRA" has gone to a world class company, BROWN BOVERI, based in Switzerland and Germany.

The "RADIO ANDORRA" transmitter is the very up-to-date technology in radiobroadcasting. The safety system, for both hardware and people has been specially studied and improved.

Le centre emetteur de Radio Andorre, photo Aout 1971 Transmitting centre, photo 1971

The antenna, built on a 125 meter high tower, insulated base, is located near lake of Engolasters, at nearly  2000 metres altitude.

At the antenna base, 15 km of cupper wires were burried and make an efficient ground network.

A 1 km long  feeder had to be built between transmitter and antenna, with a 400 metres altitude difference. It is formed by two 25 millimetres empty cupper wires, spaced by 988 mm.

This feeder was specially difficult to build due to the ground profile. All equipment had to be carried by men, often in hard weather conditions.

The medium waves transmitter is doubled by a US made 25kW shortwaves transmitter.

Finally, all this equipment would have no efficiency without corresponding high quality audio frequency equipment. The RADIO ANDORRA studios , located in Andorra la Vella, include modern technology from the best american and european manufacturers.

All these installations make possible the popularity of our  "AQUI RADIO-ANDORRA !".

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