WorldSpace direct broadcasting Sanyo Receiver 


Inside the receiver !

Well, I had the opportunity to open my Sanyo DSB-WS1000.
Here is what it looks like inside !

Howto :  Remove the five screws from the bottom side. No need to remove those on the front cover.
The release button on the back is part of the topside cover mechanism, it has to follow when you
open that topside cover. (more help here)

Click on the photo to see a larger one.
Removing the top cover 
The antenna release mechanism is fixed to the top cover
Full view of the inside.
The right side (optical output, DC input)
The left side (Antenna input, Audio output)
Vertically, the front panel commands circuit
The STARMAN chipset, here from Micronas
(DRD 3515 and MAS 3506)
NEC D784215
Optical output and DC input
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