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A partir du 28 Aout 1976, RADIO-ANDORRE retransmet tous les samedis
en ondes courtes les programmes de WORLD MUSIC RADIO.

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The original World Music Radio was a so called short wave "pirate"
which had been transmitting its music and DX programmes on Sundays
for many years from a fixed location in The Netherlands. On August 19, 1973,
it was traced by the Dutch GPO and closed down. From that date on,
the WMR team endeavoured to return to the air as an authorised
and legal commercial station. This aim was achieved in June 1976 when
agreement was reached with Radio Andorra for the transmission of
WMR's programmes on Saturdays from 08.00 - 14.00 GMT, starting
as from August 28, 1976.

(source : Word Music Radio, 1976)

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Offshore Echos France, Nr 35, October 1980:
There was only a little information in OEF on WMR, but many more people are now aware of their existence and tune in regularly. The station broadcasts through the facilities of Radio Andorra every Sunday evening from 2100-2200 GMT on 6219 kHz, the 3 kW transmitter  being situated 5 miles outside the town of  Andorra. The signal has already been received as far away as Australia and correct reception reports  accompanied by 2 IRC's  are verified with their QSL card. The address of World Music Radio is: WMR, PO Box 4078, Amsterdam, Holland. The station is run in conjunction with the World Radio TV Handbook, and also at present carries an advertisement for Radiovisie. Paul Dane can be heard from 2100-2130 with the WMR DX World edited by Andy Sennitt at 2120, and then Lee Alvin concludes proceedings from 2130-2200 closedown. When writing to WMR, please mention that you read about the station in OEF.

Offshore Echos France, Nr 37, March 1981:
In november, we received the following information from WMR: The experimental return of WMR via Radio Andorra last February, was financed entirely by the individual members of the WMR team. It was hoped that actually being on the air would improve the chances of attracting adequate commercial sponsorship, for, a radio station which is not on the air simply does not exist. In the summer of this year, Radio Andorra completed the installation of a new 10 kW transmitter and log-periodic antenna. Reception improved dramatically. The increased hire charges for the new facilities were, however, far beyond the resources of the WMR team who had still not been able to negociate the necessary sponsorship. The broadcast of 19th October 1980 was very nearly the last.

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